Welcome to Natura Respira: European School of Breathing!

Improve your breathing and you will improve your emotions!

Improve your emotions and you will improve your success!

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Natura Respira 3.0: Escola Europea de Respiració

  • Our Mission
  • To introduce and spread the importance of a correct breathing practice to the worlds of business, education and health for the achievement of an excellent emotional management.

  • Our Goals
    1. The awakening of the consciousness of empowerment through the knowledge of the breathing rhythm, identifying the own Talent, Vision and Mission, so that each person can contribute their best to the community.
    2. To awake the Consciousness of Prevention.
    3. To awake the Consciousness for a new career: becoming a personal Coach for Breathing and Leadership.
  • Our Method and Vision
  • Innovating in methodology based on The Science of the Breathing Rhythm Control: breathing and postural re-education, supported by latest software technology.

  • Our Intervention Areas
    1. Business Environment: Executives, Middle Managers, Commercial Agents, etc.
    2. Educational Environment: Primary School, Secondary School, High School, University.
    3. Health Prevention Environment: Emotional and Physical.



We teach courses, workshops and conferences in: