Dr. Franscisco Barnosell
Dr. Franscisco BarnosellRehabilitation, Neurology and Electromyography Specialist

Dr. Francisco Barnosell is an expert in electromyography and in rehabilitation of the cardiac, respiratory and locomotor systems.

Dr. Antoni Fernández Solà
Dr. Antoni Fernández SolàIntern Medicine Specialist

Dr. Antoni Fernández Solà is Intern Medicine Specialist at Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Unit – Quality Medical Service (QMS) – Barcelona – Spain.

Maria Eugenia Mateu
Maria Eugenia MateuLawyer

Lawyer specialized in trademarks and patents.

Maria Rosa Agustí
Maria Rosa AgustíVice-president of PIMEC Girona

President of Associació Gironina d’Empresàries (AGE)