Our team

M. Àngels Farreny
M. Àngels FarrenyFounder and Director
  • Over 15 years of experience endorse her as Personal Trainer of Breathing, Corporal Education and Leadership. She has taught workshops in Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, Madrid, France and Berlin.
  • She is delegated to Girona of Asociación Española Multisectorial de Microempresas (AEMME).
  • In 2011 she starts Natura Respira 3.0: Escola Europea de Respiració.
  • From 2009 is Director of educational program of “La Ciencia del Control del Ritmo Respiratorio, Cardíaco y Postural”.
  • She is author of the book “Dime cómo respiras y te diré cómo vives.  Una guía para vivir mejor

From scientific journalist to therapist:

  • From Barcelona to Girona, going through by India.
  • In 80’s, she works as scientific and tecnological journalist in la Vanguardia, and she collaborates regular into “Scientific and Technology” pages, directed by Vladimir de Semir, El País, El Mundo and specialised press.
  • For more than five years, she was Press Officer in COPCA and CIDEM, under the orders of Anna María Birulés.
  • Press Officer of “Departament d’Indústria” of Generalitat de Catalunya, directed by Josep Maria Piqué, and assistant to Departament of Press of “Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya” (UPC), also, director of first workshops of Robotics Department of same University.
  • After, she was to Poona (Índia), to learn corporal techniques as Cranio-Sacral, Tantra and Conscious Breathing, and through which she learns to re-know her body and to be aware of her breathing, reconnecting, from their own vital and sensorial experiences, Body, Mind and Spirit.
Míriam Marcet
Míriam MarcetCo-Founder and Trainer. Head of London
  • Formed primarily in the “Institut del Teatre” and the “Rose Bruford College” (Manchester University).
  • She studied vocal technique, oral expression and corporal awareness techniques with teachers like: Carolina Colom, Gemma Reguant, Natàlia Menéndez, Bernerd Fontbuté, Moreno Bernardi, Matt Wilde, Tess Dignan or Alison Mackinon among others. Also, she has studied Ioga and Mindfulness.
  • In theater she has worked on productions such as “Electra” with Konrad Zchiedrich, “TOC TOC” by Iván Morales, “Prime Time” by Martí Torras and Paula Blanco or “Forests”, with Calixto Bieito, among others. In cinema, she has worked on “Las manos del pianista” by Sergio Gutiérrez Sánchez, and “Amor en defensa propia” by Rafa Ruso. Her television credits includes several seasons of the series “El cor de la Ciutat” on TV3, in the miniseries “Clara Campoamor. La mujer olvidada” from TV1 or “KMM” from TV3, among others.
  • As a professor, she has taught several courses in the field of voice training, communication skills and body awareness techniques in “Alumni UAB” at “Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)” and in “Alumni UDG” at “Universitat de Girona (UDG)”.
  • Voice and breathing Coach of actors like Joel Minguet and Francesc Colomer, working in producers as El Terrat de Produccions and Fernando Trueba Producciones Cinematográficas.
  • She is Professor of Voice and Breathing and Leadership Personal Trainer at Natura Respira 3.0: Escola Europea de Respiració. Now, she lives in London and she manages Natura Respira 3.0 in the City.

Enric Freixa
Enric FreixaDoctor
  • He is Director of R&D Department at Natura Respira 3.0: Escola Europea de Respiració.
  • Scientific and Research Director specializing in Tropical Medicine and International Public Health and Humanitarian Ethics.
  • 20 years ago, he created the medical service “Médicos sin Fronteras”.
  • He has held senior positions at the United Nations, Cruz Roja and European Commission.
  • He has worked in over 50 countries on issues related to hunger, epidemics, wars and natural disasters.
  • He recently left his post of Public Health in London to return to Africa, where he collaborates with Natura Respira 3.0.