Natura respira 3.0: Testimonials

UK testimonials so far

Excellent and relaxing. This method puts you at ease with yourself, calms your emotional turmoil and makes you feel more grounded.
E. Moravetz, Writer at

I learned so much about the importance of proper breathing for my health, the way of managing my life.
A. Calvo, Nutritionist at As Nature Intended

Instant results! Miriam is so sensitive and calming.
S. Richard, Actor

A genuinely transforming experience!  Feeling like I owned my space through correct breathing and posture.
H. Poulter

Miriam has a very sensitive and effective touch that easily resonates with the whole body system.
Dr. Ridge, retired

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Toni Fernández Brugués
Lean & WCM Manager at Armacell Iberia

My experience with Natura Respira 3.0 has helped me in my personal life and professionally too. I am now better at controlling my emotions and my self-esteem has improved; I am facing my insecurities and fears and working on them. Applying Natura Respira techniques in my public presentations has enabled me to project better to engage more successfully with my audience. I have learnt to be more aware of what my body is saying and why.

Susana Soler Olivé
Manpower Group, Future Skill Spain, Key Account Manager

I’ve had the pleasure of receiving a 20 hour course on leadership through Breathing and Postural Awareness and also to meet a great person with natural born charisma. Originating from emotional coaching, the course has been a great learning experience for me as it has allowed me to do intense inner work. Accustomed to courses in which we work from a mental perspective, connecting the body and mind has been a real discovery which I need to continue practicing for profound changes.
Thank you very much M ª Angels for such a gift. I hope to enjoy more of your knowledge in the very near future.

Pedro Lalanda II
CEO & President at Blue Star Commodities, S.L.

Maria Angels has infectious enthusiasm and communicates her ideas very clearly and simply. Its Scientific Programme for the Control of Respiratory Rhythm / Cardiac, applied in different facets of personal activity, is certainly outstanding.

Fernando Ferré
Co-Founder & Managing Director at

I first met Miriam through a friend who was attending her breathing classes. I had an illness that made me bedridden and I was looking for help to overcome it. Miriam’s program and exercises helped me to face my situation with a calm, relaxed attitude, to get better and to leave my bed. Although I have now recovered, I am still under Miriam’s program to improve my health further and to achieve a higher quality of life through better breathing.

Joel Minguet

What I like about working with Miriam is her knowledge of the voice as the instrument of actors. Since working with her, I now understand that breathing correctly for actors is like having fuel in a car!

Sergi Arribas Torras
Manager at Graf Iberica

I have done a workshop and one-to-one sessions with Maria Angels.This is an amazing process for changing your way of coping with work and life. The Natura Respira method gives you great guidelines and tools to help you find the solution to your own problems.

Carmelo Gómez Pons
Architecture, Construction and Energy Optimisation

Learning to breathe properly and control my body posture has helped me concentrate better, learn to control my emotions and even beat my cycling record! Thank you Maria Angels and thanks to the Natura Respira Team!

Ramon Quer
Food and drinks industry professional

Maria Angels with her contagious enthusiasm, will teach you how to use your breathing to help you manage your emotions.

Samuel Requena
Business Application Support at Insight Investment

Miriam’s special teaching skills establish the perfect balance between theory and taking part, so you not only progress quickly but learn the techniques thoroughly because of the practical exercises.

María Eugenia Mateu-Prades
European Patent and Trademark Attorney

I had the pleasure of attending the “Manage the fear of failure with your breath” workshop by Natura Respira and the experience was very positive. I consider it an essential discipline to achieve personal and professional well-being. I personally recommend it.

Elio Colen

Thanks to Miriam Marcet and her Natura Respira technique , I managed to recognise wrong patterns when walking, standing still and sitting. I had really strong pains in my legs, hips and back and, with her help, I have become able to fix the problem. Also, thanks to the breathing exercises, I have managed to calm my emotions.

Irma Zapponi
President at Iasthai Association

I hired Natura Respira to conduct a breathing workshop for women with fibromyalgia disorders and bronchial asthma, with excellent results.

Rocco Menzel
Performer, choreographer and coach at Metroccolis, Berlin

I got to try out a breathing session of Natura Respira European School of Breathing. It was amazing. It’s a great lesson in deep relaxation and helps to find your centre.

Maite Martorell
Primary Teacher,  Tarragona

The workshop I did with Miriam made me aware of my responsibility for my own well-being, giving me a simple technique to manage my emotions better. It helped me to believe in myself more.

Alba Raich
Radio Producer at Catalunya Ràdio

I really enjoyed the course. I sincerely believe that my life can be improved significantly with daily practice. The way of teaching is very understandable and stimulating. I highly recommend it as it serves you both personally and professionally. Miriam encourages you at every step. Thanks for making me see the importance of breathing.

Vicky Monmary
Self Employed Project Manager

My experience with Miriam Marcet was very positive and helped me understand the importance and role of breathing. It showed me how, with certain breathing techniques, postural work and body awareness, we can help ourselves in identifying physical symptoms and in the emotional management in some of our problems. Having these tools is the key of transforming our daily lives.

Vanessa Batista
Film Director

The Breathing sessions performed by Miriam Marcet for Natura Respira, are just great. Through an initial informal consultation, we analysed the areas of concern. The work of breathing and posture is carried out gradually and progressively, so it is not sharp at all.
My experience has been very enriching. We started at a time when I was suffering from high stress, in a position that left me emotionally quite vulnerable. Gradually, from the first minutes of the first session, I felt like I was not only relaxing my body, but also filling my mind with positive thoughts and a peace that ended the stress. I strongly recommend their work and I attest to Miriam’s professionalism and care. Grateful and wanting more

Sandra Bielsa
Event Manager at IESE Business School (Universidad de Navarra)

The course with Miriam Marcet was very instructive and useful. We were taught to recognise bad posture and breathing habits and how to correct them with simple exercises. Thanks to Natura Respira I could reduce my anxiety dramatically.