We are very happy to announce you that our last book, written by M. Angels Farreny (Founder of Natura Respira) and Míriam Marcet (Co-founder and UK branch leader) will be translated into English soon!

Dime cómo respiras y te diré cómo vives.  Una guía para vivier mejor


Natura Respira is a process of re-education; awakening the body to its natural mechanisms suppressed under the pressures of modern life.

The Natura Respira® System exercises align heartbeat with the breathing rhythm, so the heart, lungs and mind are in harmony. This process allows more oxygen to reach body cells and helps the body work to its full potential.  Triggering the ‘parasympathetic system’ responsible for stress relief, this exercises improve body alignment and through indirect counselling this new System helps to create new and healthier behavior patterns.